Tim Campbell - Microlise Transport Conference 2022

Tim Campbell



Tim has over 35 years experience working exclusively in the light and heavy commercial vehicle sector on a global scale. His consultancy and training company works with van and truck operators, as well as many OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to ease the transition between diesel and BEV / Fuel Cell and help users realise that an alternatively fuelled van or truck is the start of the journey not the end! Using their “CLIMOR” evaluation approach, reviewing areas such as connectivity, autonomy and electrification helps management and staff prepare for the “mindset” change required to implement a structured migration.

Tim holds Galileo Master Certificate in Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage from the European Energy Centre. Recent speaker / moderator engagements include Urban Freight Alexandra Palace London, CV Show Chennai India, Green Truck Show Indianapolis USA, CV Forum Pune India, FTA Future Van Conference Coventry and Battery Technology Show Detroit USA.

The global commercial vehicle market and its effect on the future of the UK commercial vehicle sector

Anyone wishing to understand how our van and truck industry will develop in areas such as electrification, autonomy and connectivity over the coming years cannot look at the UK in isolation, despite Brexit we are still interconnected to many global markets and players.

Tim Campbell will endeavour to offer an overview of the key players and markets from across the globe, and offer his insight into how this will influence the vans and truck of the future on UK roads.



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