Matt Hague

Executive Director - Product Strategy


Matt joined Microlise in 1998 with the responsibility of managing Microlise’s System Integration activities. He later drove the development of the company’s move into telematics and transport management, building the team and developing market leading products which are used by many of the large fleets operating today in the UK and internationally.

As Microlise has grown, Matt has taken on a more strategic role and he is now responsible for Product Strategy & Management, managing the Microlise product roadmap. He is a regular speaker at industry events around the UK.

Collaborative Logistics - The Benefits of Inter-Fleet Visibility

Empty running and inefficiency have been a challenge to address for as long as transport and logistics have existed. Now with the prospect of new technology enabling load sharing systems which enable optimal horizontal collaboration could we see a step change in operational efficiency?

It's estimated that half of trucks are less than a third full. This session explores the technology coming to market which could change that.

Big Data Insights

Collecting data from 250,000 connected devices around the world, Microlise has access to a vast source of fleet data, and has been leading the way in terms of the practical uses of this data for fleet operators.