Ellis Dawson

Head of Product - LiveLink and Journey Management


Ellis has been with Microlise since 2012, operating in a number of roles including Senior Software Designer, Senior Business Analyst and Product Manager. He is now Head of Product for Journey Management, delivering Microlise’s unique product offering in this area.

Beginning his career with Bentley Motors in 2005, Ellis joined the company via a sponsored degree in Computer Science. His first foray into vehicle tracking and telematics came as part of a project to build the telematry system for Bentley’s electric race car.

In his role at Microlise, Ellis spends the majority of his time visiting customer sites, speaking to users, and planning the Journey Management product roadmap in line with customer need and the wider Microlise product development strategy. His expertise lies in best practice and continuous improvement through the use of software within the planning and execution of transport operations.

Collaborative Logistics - The Benefits of Inter-Fleet Visibility

Empty running and inefficiency have been a challenge to address for as long as transport and logistics have existed. Now with the prospect of new technology enabling load sharing systems which enable optimal horizontal collaboration could we see a step change in operational efficiency?

It's estimated that half of trucks are less than a third full. This session explores the technology coming to market which could change that.