Royal Mail and Arrival First Confirmed Speakers

Royal Mail and electric vehicle company Arrival are the first to confirm they will speak at the Microlise Transport Conference 2018. They’ll discuss the potential of electric vehicles and outline the findings of their innovative trial.

Arrival has provided Royal Mail with nine 3.5-tonne, six-tonne and 7.5-tonne vehicles capable of travelling for 100 miles on a single charge. Royal Mail is currently using these vehicles in and around London to move mail between its distribution centres in the city and its mail centres.

Their joint session on the main stage will look at the benefits, the barriers and what the future holds for heavy electric vehicles and their uses in industry.

Grahame Bennett, Royal Mail’s Head of Fleet Engineering, will discuss the work being undertaken by the UK postal service, which operates over 49,000 vehicles. Matt Key, Chief of Business Development at Arrival, will talk technology, looking at the possibilities of electric now and how the company is breaking down the barriers to widescale adoption.

“We aim to give every fleet the opportunity to change the way it transports goods and make our towns and cities better places to live in,” said Matt Key, Chief of Business Development, Arrival. “The Royal Mail trial is an important step in making affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe vehicles and to remove the main barriers by pricing them in line with conventional trucks.”

This year, the conference is building on its innovation and technology focus, offering insight on the industry’s big topics from platooning and alternative fuels; to skills, compliance and inevitably, the effects on the industry of Brexit.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences of how we are using electric vehicles, including those provided by Arrival, at the Microlise Transport Conference,” said Grahame Bennett, Royal Mail Head of Fleet Engineering. “We are currently putting them through their paces and finding out how they cope with the heavy demands we require, with the view to further adoption of electric in the future.”

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