EXPERT VIEW: Snap Account – Why carry-on inefficiently?

In this Expert View piece, Chris Billing of Snap Account asks why fleets carry on inefficiently when answers to many questions are available right now.

Although I have been heavily involved in the transport industry for the last 10 years, I am no spring chicken!

When I started ETP (which later spawned SNAP Account) I brought many years of experience of working with and being involved in running lots of different businesses as well as my “big picture” skills which had always helped me to develop software & hardware solutions to solve business operational challenges.

I believe I have made a big difference to the industry and this has been borne-out by the number of customers that visit our stands at various exhibitions and, unsolicited, congratulate my team on doing such a good job for them as well as the simplicity of the SNAP service making their lives easier.

Always wanting to improve efficiency, I have long thought that the way to reduce pollution and running costs for fleet operators was to blend diesel with gasses to improve the efficiency of burn as well as provide lower emissions and savings on running costs.

The largest bill for a fleet operator is fuel, so any savings must be worth considering. At the CV Show I was talking to a friend in the industry George from DDL. He showed me some amazing results – one of the fleet operators he is working with was saving over £30 per day on fuel per vehicle; this translates to £7,500 per annum per vehicle.  George admitted that the cost of converting a vehicle to make these savings was around 1 years’ worth of savings but, if you run your vehicles for 3 years, knocking £15,000 off the running costs is significant. I know several customers who could save (or increase profits) to the tune of £1m, £2m or even £3m a year!  The more vehicles, the bigger the savings.

Concerned about warranties? This is something that I have heard many times and George has put in-place Lloyds underwritten indemnities to ensure that there is no risk to the operator or the engine of the vehicle.

Just to get things into perspective, I have seen results of a truck run by Adnams Brewery which shows a 40% saving in fuel. They have the luxury of converting waste grain from the brewing process into bio-fuel, which most of us will not be able to do, but this shows what is possible.

As well as fuel savings, the cleaner burn results in huge reductions in NOX emissions as well as CO, which will help any business wanting to demonstrate their green credentials.

I have known George for a couple of years and he has worked tirelessly to develop solutions for fleet operators; he, like me, is passionate about what he does and, as well as being involved in running businesses in the transport industry, we both know that we are making a difference.

When George has over 2,000 fleet operators using his solutions (like we do) I look forward to sharing a pint with him – of Adnams, of course!

Snap Account will be discussing this topic further in the Motor Transport Workshop at 14:00. 

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