Clarity to be Given on Clean Air Zones and Their Impact - Microlise Transport Conference 2022

Clarity to be Given on Clean Air Zones and Their Impact

Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, Road Haulage Association

With the introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) very much on the horizon, Microlise Transport Conference delegates will get the opportunity to learn more about the proposals, the likely impact for fleet operators and actions that can be taken to mitigate their effects.

As part of the theatre agenda, RHA’s Chief Executive Richard Burnett is set to address delegates on Clean Air Zones, to deliver an overview of what they are and how they are being phased in across the UK.

The RHA, alongside other industry bodies, has been lobbying government on the issue for some time to ensure operators of commercial fleets are considered in the proposals.

There are concerns that the additional costs of operating older vehicles in UK cities may damage the ability for some fleets to continue to carry out some of their current work, and even threaten the viability of some if forced to invest earlier than panned in new vehicles.

There are still debates going on around the country, with the details for many zones still yet to be published, despite pressure from the government to do so. Bath for example published its potential plans just this week. However Clear Air Zones will be a feature of urban logistics in the new few years and are set to have many impacts on the transport industry.

While the CAZ landscape is still not clear, you can get the latest information at the Microlise Transport Conference in Coventry on 16 May. Register now to secure your place!



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