Laurence Drake

Business Planning Director

DAF Trucks

Laurence is the Business Planning Director at DAF Trucks Limited. Having worked with DAF for 16 years he has held various positions of increasing seniority that has enabled a great understanding of the business.

His current role sees him with responsibility for a wide range of activities within DAF including repair and maintenance, marketing, DAFaid, training and business systems.  

A major focus has been in aligning the customer centric approach in processes, communication and focus. In this key strategic role, Laurence has seen the number of Microlise DAF telematics units installed on DAF vehicles increase to just over 10,000 from a standing start jut a few years ago.

The progress has helped establish record levels of repair and maintenance contract sales, a record number of repair and maintenance contracts within the DAF portfolio, improved performance of DAFaid service levels, implementation of a coordinated Driver training program, a record intake of apprenticeships and ongoing development of DAFcheck helping customers to manage their fleets and reporting. All these activities have built the back bone upon which DAF has achieved a record market share in 2016 of 30.1%.